HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

Cache-Tag response header information and usage statistics.

Websites using header Cache-Tag 13,745
Percentage of websites that use Cache-Tag header <0.1%
Total discovered header values 11,117
Header uses directives No
Header values are unique or random No
Most popular in the country United States of America

Distribution by websites popularity

Cache-Tag detection in the top websites by popularity

Top 10k sites 15 websites
Top 100k sites 74 websites
Top 1m sites 733 websites

Websites utilizing Cache-Tag

List of websites that use Cache-Tag header

Domain Country Rank Contacts United States of America 170 United States of America 1,202 United States of America 1,872 United States of America 2,279 United States of America 2,596 United States of America 2,905
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Geographical Distribution

Header usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Common header values

List of top common Cache-Tag header values

Header value Value prevalence
html::home 18.12%
home 0.56%
html 0.08%
CT-20324253500,CT-20324253570,CT-20335751472,CT-20478367334,CT-23342966149,CT-23784395658,CT-23784395668,CT-23784419589,CT-25866662856,CT-7304529179,CG-2773967,P-2773967,CW-34692095187,CW-34699253735,CW-39705283227,CW-39705283246,CW-39705752692,CW-3970575 0.06%
,, 0.05%
page 0.04%
html,release-purge 0.03%
, 0.02%
NDP-Prod, CoC-ProdLive 0.02%
f70,401,1f0 0.02%
HIT 0.02%
CT-25041958892,CT-28583497205,CT-28583497223,CT-28583644185,CT-28583644941,CT-31467389208,CG-6938980,P-6938980,L-25041821119,W-1580377893081,W-1580380236408,W-1580397035400,W-1580897288767,W-1581324474190,W-1581509298433,W-1583154311167,W-1583239401778,W- 0.02%
n63214 n63262 n63263 n63264 n63265 n63266 n63267 n63282 p179621 p179627 p179626 p180350 p179631 p180351 n63288 p181941 n63215 n63309 n64706 n64384 n68328 0.02%
p250008078 n250002960 t250000249 0.02%
P02967 P02617 P03125 P03153 P03152 P03151 home 0.02%
CT-27192396381,CT-27893024077,CT-28133847294,CT-30114557370,CT-5108109707,CT-5196539936,CT-8294785011,P-1390106,L-44544742288,L-5122748312,W-1495110608421,W-1495110715472,W-1495110733645,W-1495113601197,W-1495114012470,W-1496740111485,W-1496740460482,W-14 0.01%
fab b28 b54 8f5 3d6 117 694 fe9 eff 32f 624 1d7 e05 b23 3a3 d44 ee7 d36 6e8 153 426 e92 4df 079 872 d71 bc5 6b8 20b 7eb 950 730 df0 897 0a0 02c 8d6 afc 4a9 118 bce 1d8 4d9 77e 7d0 73a 931 612 f10 24a 7ed 205 58f ce1 e66 5f6 5c4 09b 186 740 609 e65 3df bc0 0.01%
dessa-atlas-community-docs 0.01%
DownloadPortal:Global 0.01%
CT-32675607252,CT-36556811293,CG-4626936,P-4626936,W-1553806516412138,W-15590324723464,W-156198219628225,W-15954293962786,W-159543179460616,W-159544584644028,W-15996390558792,W-1599640592488,W-1601452212881,CW-10884973078,CW-32682906392,CW-32691584017,CW- 0.01%