HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

X-Cache-Tags response header information and usage statistics.

Websites using header X-Cache-Tags 304
Percentage of websites that use X-Cache-Tags header <0.1%
Total discovered header values 242
Header uses directives No
Header values are unique or random No
Most popular in the country United States of America

Distribution by websites popularity

X-Cache-Tags detection in the top websites by popularity

Top 10k sites 5 websites
Top 100k sites 14 websites
Top 1m sites 62 websites

Websites utilizing X-Cache-Tags

List of websites that use X-Cache-Tags header

Domain Country Rank Contacts
www.news.com.au United States of America 518
www.macmillanenglish.com Netherlands 6,250
www.yoga-vidya.de Germany 7,550
dziendobry.tvn.pl United States of America 8,937
deepersonar.com United States of America 9,261
werkenbijdefensie.nl Netherlands 20,396
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Geographical Distribution

Header usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Common header values

List of top common X-Cache-Tags header values

Header value Value prevalence
homepage 10.20%
static 5.92%
pageId_1 2.30%
header,restrictedMode,home 1.64%
_general 0.99%
e1b24fa60e5888ac3e9759f84f1fe03c, 8dd6495788536a84c16e5af862940c25 0.99%
MISS 0.66%
,46709 0.33%
,733934 0.33%
/assets-app,48b2646a,c66bb27e,306293f2,142bb4c5,801a0c55,1733fce6,675b48bb,423904d8,3314e539,1871a20e,b0e23b92,809371ee,5b690856,1ce20153,3b0ccba1,b41bec7b,9e6d8cf5,a5b193c2,88abd037,3e307093,3402ebcb,9f6b8225,e8e63535,946d8acd,596fec8e,94eac63c,c253ecca, 0.33%
/de/ 0.33%
01c0a3a 2a829aa 5d423a5 d9fa026 2b674a8 9c781f4 0.33%
0e07f03 cca23de 7d85b90 9ff6fa6 5ec2590 0.33%
123b870 bca17d2 50cfc77 a63c790 da706b1 3a3200c 8abbc95 c1aa015 55df4f2 e23fba5 0ee686d 1e9ee62 40522cc c7c122c 74fb2ed ae89c97 10445cc 0.33%
188,824,a1a,372,6d5,08f,142,e50,005,b7f,9fd,941,7ad,ba9,c3d,aab,b28,aab,30e,020,e1d,08c,08e,b7d,13a,67b,d23,86d,dc5,165,f32,098,26a,489,5ca,459,c4d,1c7,9a1,d41,5c3,f98,33a,446,26c,821 0.33%
191d60f 32a95fa d3ab729 7bd45e4 2a6c90a aa42e52 1062ee6 098ce29 57d8405 1c9d2dc f5f4c03 6f85d61 0.33%
19b59be 874de26 fc91231 6308734 e1d6d91 0.33%
19eb7ea4-6340-4837-a8f5-6b6aac5c26b4,5d44b7c3-2037-4d99-8a9d-2f3ef414f9d8,e3a2e43c-934c-4115-9a2f-e2249e2b1126,c31c1f55-8cf7-4a5d-bdda-4a912fc42b5c,155529e8-750f-46e0-87a7-02d19b86d8ff,a0233390-d667-4005-816b-c843055bb60c,600b9624-ea8b-4483-9b84-0d533232e 0.33%
2b6fb7f 95e8813 90aa556 9f0270d 23e8ee3 f392cc4 b12043b 9f8743c 4696475 d038718 0.33%