HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

X-LiteSpeed-Purge response header information and usage statistics.

Websites using header X-LiteSpeed-Purge 358
Percentage of websites that use X-LiteSpeed-Purge header <0.1%
Total discovered header values 5
Header uses directives No
Header values are unique or random No
Most popular in the country United States of America

Distribution by websites popularity

X-LiteSpeed-Purge detection in the top websites by popularity

Top 10k sites 0 websites
Top 100k sites 6 websites
Top 1m sites 50 websites

Websites utilizing X-LiteSpeed-Purge

List of websites that use X-LiteSpeed-Purge header

Domain Country Rank Contacts
www.eva-extensions.com United States of America 30,614
ceitgroup.eu Slovakia 32,566
jb7.com.br United States of America 45,531
vmakeevke.com Russian Federation 48,393
handgrenade.cz Czech Republic 55,585
o-nam-boulazac.fr France 56,186
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Geographical Distribution

Header usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Common header values

List of top common X-LiteSpeed-Purge header values

Header value Value prevalence
* 98.88%
d0578 0.28%
public,1fe_Po.384,1fe_URL.7cc0656bdc63a02431a953d7f13a701a,1fe_W.recent-posts-1,1fe_FD,1fe_A.0,1fe_F,1fe_H,1fe_PGS,1fe_PGSRP,1fe_D.201702,1fe_REST 0.28%
public,a98_Po.228453,a98_URL.6666cd76f96956469e7be39d750cc7d9,a98_W.recent-posts-2,a98_FD,a98_A.0,a98_F,a98_H,a98_PGS,a98_PGSRP,a98_D.202009,a98_REST 0.28%
public,stale,fea_ 0.28%