HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

x-scaned response header information and usage statistics.

Websites using header x-scaned12,033
Percentage of websites that use x-scaned header<0.1%
Total discovered header values1
Header uses directivesNo
Header values are unique or randomNo
Most popular in the country SK

x-scanedOften Used Together:

x-scaned Directives

x-scaned directives value information and usage statistics

DirectiveShareWebsites countUnique Values

Distribution by websites popularity

x-scaned detection in the top websites by popularity

Top 10k sites1 websites
Top 100k sites1 websites
Top 1m sites29 websites

Websites utilizing x-scaned

List of websites that use x-scaned header

kolarik.sk SK4,146
istudio.sk SK366,570
www.istudio.sk SK366,570
edmax.sk SK518,012
skipark.sk SK529,304
smooth-collie.net SK555,728
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Geographical Distribution

Header usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Common header values

List of top common x-scaned header values

Header valueValue prevalence