LocalBusiness Schema

Category - Schema

A particular physical business or branch of an organization.

We have discovered 238,494 live website that are using LocalBusiness Schema.

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Technology usage statistics

Websites using LocalBusiness Schema 238,494 websites
Most popular in the country United States of America
Market position in Schema #4
Market share in Schema 4.93%

Technology adoption

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Websites that added LocalBusiness Schema +3,906
Websites that dropped LocalBusiness Schema -5,382

Distribution by websites popularity

LocalBusiness Schema detection in the top websites by popularity
Top 10k sites 79 websites
Top 100k sites 1,821 websites
Top 1m sites 13,028 websites

Websites utilizing LocalBusiness Schema

Top websites that use LocalBusiness Schema

Domain Country Rank Contacts
moz.com United States of America 332
www.scmp.com United States of America 333
www.cisco.com United States of America 765
www.squarespace.com United States of America 1,188
www.bild.de United States of America 1,707
www.tinkoff.ru Russian Federation 2,212
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Market Share

LocalBusiness Schema market share within the Schema category

Geographical Distribution

Technology usage distribution by websites across the globe.

LocalBusiness Schema often used together with

Category - Document Standards.
JavaScript is used together with LocalBusiness Schema on 237,692 domains. Total 6,050,225 domains found using JavaScript
Category - Document Encoding.
UTF-8 is used together with LocalBusiness Schema on 237,564 domains. Total 8,008,737 domains found using UTF-8
Category - Mobile.
Viewport Meta is used together with LocalBusiness Schema on 233,334 domains. Total 5,008,842 domains found using Viewport Meta
Category - Document Standards.
Description Meta is used together with LocalBusiness Schema on 228,066 domains. Total 4,082,872 domains found using Description Meta
Category - Schema.
CreativeWork Schema is used together with LocalBusiness Schema on 162,592 domains. Total 1,792,875 domains found using CreativeWork Schema
Category - Document Standards.
X-UA-Compatible is used together with LocalBusiness Schema on 152,217 domains. Total 2,493,578 domains found using X-UA-Compatible

Alternative Technologies

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Brand Schema: Total 9,437 domains found using Brand Schema
CreativeWork Schema: Total 1,792,875 domains found using CreativeWork Schema
Event Schema: Total 32,954 domains found using Event Schema
GeoCoordinates Schema: Total 85,856 domains found using GeoCoordinates Schema
Offer Schema: Total 80,721 domains found using Offer Schema
Organization Schema: Total 823,230 domains found using Organization Schema
Person Schema: Total 214,623 domains found using Person Schema
Place Schema: Total 48,830 domains found using Place Schema
PostalAddress Schema: Total 220,316 domains found using PostalAddress Schema