LocalBusiness Schema

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A particular physical business or branch of an organization.

We have discovered 2,842,461 live websites that are using LocalBusiness Schema.

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Technology usage statistics

Websites using LocalBusiness Schema2,842,461 websites
Most popular in the country US
Market position in Schema#5
Market penetration in Schema17.75%

Technology adoption

Recent changes in LocalBusiness Schema usage. (See LocalBusiness Schema Usage Changes report)
Websites that added LocalBusiness Schema+857,717
Websites that dropped LocalBusiness Schema-262,237

Distribution by websites popularity

LocalBusiness Schema detection in the top websites by popularity
Top 10k sites81 websites
Top 100k sites1,188 websites
Top 1m sites19,780 websites

Websites utilizing LocalBusiness Schema

Top websites that use LocalBusiness Schema

www.wix.com IL132
dan.com NL150
cdn1.dan.com US218
cdn0.dan.com US239
cdn2.dan.com US240
cdn3.dan.com US241
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Geographical Distribution

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