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TYPO3 is a free and open-source Web content management system written in PHP.

We have discovered  196,553 live websites   that are using TYPO3 CMS.

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Technology usage statistics

Websites using TYPO3 CMS196,553 websites
Most popular in the country Germany
Market position in CMS#13
Market share in CMS0.71%
Most popular version4.5

Security vulnerabilites

May, 2024TYPO3 vulnerable to an Uncontrolled Resource Consumption in the ShowImageController4
May, 2024TYPO3 vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting in ShowImageController4
May, 2024TYPO3 vulnerable to Cross-Site Scripting in the Form Manager Module4
Feb, 2024Improper Access Control Persisting File Abstraction Layer Entities via Data Handler in TYPO312
Feb, 2024Improper Access Control of Resources Referenced by t3:// URI Scheme in TYPO312
Feb, 2024Information Disclosure of Encryption Key in TYPO3 Install Tool12
Feb, 2024Information Disclosure of Hashed Passwords in TYPO3 Backend Forms12
Nov, 2023Weak Authentication in Session Handling in typo3/cms-core12
Jul, 2023typo3/cms-core Information Disclosure due to Out-of-scope Site Resolution4
Dec, 2022TYPO3 contains Sensitive Information Disclosure via YAML Placeholder Expressions in Site Configuration4
Dec, 2022TYPO3 vulnerable to Arbitrary Code Execution via Form Framework12
Dec, 2022TYPO3 contains Insufficient Session Expiration after Password Reset1
Dec, 2022TYPO3 vulnerable to Improper Authentication in Frontend Login12
Dec, 2022TYPO3 subject to Uncontrolled Recursion resulting in Denial of Service4
Sep, 2022Stored Cross-Site Scripting via FileDumpController238
Sep, 2022Missing check for expiration time of password reset token in TYPO31
Sep, 2022User Enumeration via Response Timing in TYPO3238
Sep, 2022Denial of Service via Page Error Handling in TYPO3/cms1
Sep, 2022Cross-Site Scripting in typo3/cms-core1
Jun, 2022Insufficient Session Expiration in TYPO3 Admin Tool4
Jun, 2022Cross-Site Scripting in Frontend Login Mailer4
Jun, 2022Cross-Site Scripting in Form Framework12
Jun, 2022Insertion of Sensitive Information into Log File in typo3/cms-core238
Jun, 2022Information Disclosure via Export Module in TYPO3 CMS238
Aug, 2021Cross-Site Scripting via Rich-Text Content237
Jul, 2021Information Disclosure in User Authentication3
Jul, 2021Cross-Site Scripting in Backend Grid View3
Jul, 2021Cross-Site Scripting in Query Generator & Query View3
Jul, 2021Cross-Site Scripting in Page Preview3
Nov, 2020Cleartext storage of session identifier3
Nov, 2020Cross-Site Scripting in Fluid view helpers3
Jul, 2020Exposure of Sensitive Information to an Unauthorized Actor in TYPO3 CMS3
Jul, 2020Missing Required Cryptographic Step Leading to Sensitive Information Disclosure in TYPO3 CMS3
May, 2020Cross-Site Request Forgery in TYPO3 CMS3
May, 2020Improperly Controlled Modification of Dynamically-Determined Object Attributes in TYPO3 CMS3
May, 2020Cross-Site Scripting in TYPO3 CMS3
May, 2020Deserialization of Untrusted Data in TYPO3 CMS3
Nov, 2019CVE-2011-490013,197

Technology adoption

Recent changes in TYPO3 CMS usage.
Websites that added TYPO3 CMS+2,040
Websites that dropped TYPO3 CMS-2,630
Websites that changed version of TYPO3 CMS335

Major Versions

  • 3.xx (4 subversions, 241 domains)
  • 4.xx (8 subversions, 17,369 domains)
  • 6.xx (5 subversions, 4,446 domains)
  • 7.xx (4 subversions, 226 domains)
  • 8.xx (1 subversions, 8 domains)
  • 9.xx (1 subversions, 3 domains)
  • 11.xx (1 subversions, 1 domains)

Websites utilizing TYPO3 CMS

Top websites that use TYPO3 CMS
parallels.com United States648
sedo.com United States1,398
ionos.com Germany1,436
fao.org United States1,690
nazwa.pl Poland1,736
kirix.com United States1,820
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Alternative Technologies

WordPress: Total 16,127,371 domains found using WordPress
Wix: Total 2,221,646 domains found using Wix
Squarespace: Total 1,270,323 domains found using Squarespace
Joomla: Total 961,772 domains found using Joomla
Weebly: Total 438,103 domains found using Weebly
GoDaddy Website Builder: Total 428,749 domains found using GoDaddy Website Builder
Duda: Total 399,706 domains found using Duda
Drupal: Total 369,961 domains found using Drupal
Tumblr: Total 363,685 domains found using Tumblr
Jimdo: Total 264,769 domains found using Jimdo