Website technology stack transition history

Change History

Detected changes in website technology stack within the last 3 months.

TechnologyTechnology TypeVersionChangeDate
BatCacheWidgets AddedMarch, 2023
Bing Domain VerificationDomain Verification AddedMarch, 2023
Description MetaDocument Standards AddedMarch, 2023
DisqusComment Systems AddedMarch, 2023
BatCacheWidgets DroppedFebruary, 2023
PayPalPayment Processors DroppedFebruary, 2023
Add to AnyWidgets DroppedJanuary, 2023
AkismetWordpress Plugins DroppedJanuary, 2023
ElementorLanding Page Builders DroppedJanuary, 2023
Essential Addons for ElementorWordpress Plugins DroppedJanuary, 2023
Google Phone Conversion TrackingCall Tracking DroppedJanuary, 2023
LightboxJavaScript Libraries DroppedJanuary, 2023
PayPalPayment Processors AddedJanuary, 2023
ElementorLanding Page Builders AddedDecember, 2022
Essential Addons for ElementorWordpress Plugins AddedDecember, 2022
Google AdsAdvertising Networks AddedDecember, 2022
Google Phone Conversion TrackingCall Tracking AddedDecember, 2022
MediaElement.jsVideo Players DroppedDecember, 2022
YouTubeVideo Players AddedDecember, 2022
Add to AnyWidgets AddedNovember, 2022