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Web technologies detected on this domain4 technologies
Web technologies detected across all ruv.is subdomains45 technologies
dagskra.ruv.is redirects to ruv-sala.mediashuttle.com
Website rank804,201
Website Location Iceland
Last technology updateDecember, 2022
Total ruv.is subdomain count27 subdomains
Top ranking subdomain www.ruv.is (Rank: 44,995)
IP Address37.152.64.155
IP Lookup6 websites share IP address.
Autonomous System Number (ASN)AS198815 (RUV-AS)
Total linking domains11 domains
Total linking IP7 IPs
Certificate IssuerLet's Encrypt
Certificate Expiration DateApril, 2023 (Expiring soon )

Technology Stack

List of detected technologies used on the website.

TechnologyTechnology TypeVersionLast detected
ApacheWeb Servers2.4.29March, 2023
Lets EncryptCertificate AuthorityMarch, 2023
UbuntuOperating SystemsMarch, 2023
UTF-8Document EncodingMarch, 2023

Uncommon response headers

List of uncommon response headers that were used by the website.

ServerApache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu)