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Web technologies detected on this domain6 technologies
Web technologies detected across all fudder.de subdomains14 technologies
fudder.de redirects to www.badische-zeitung.de
Website rank184,074
Website Location Germany
Last technology updateMarch, 2023
Added technologies in the last 3 months4
Dropped technologies in the last 3 months1
Total fudder.de subdomain count7 subdomains
Top ranking subdomain ais.fudder.de (Rank: 2,638,844)
IP Address213.164.78.1
IP Lookup37 websites share IP address.
Autonomous System Number (ASN)AS13054 (FREINET)
Total linking domains60 domains
Total linking IP55 IPs
Certificate IssuerLet's Encrypt
Certificate Expiration DateMay, 2023 (Valid )

Technology Stack

List of detected technologies used on the website.

Change History

List of detected changes in the website technology stack within the last 3 months.

TechnologyTechnology TypeVersionChangeDate
Microsoft 365Web Mail AddedMarch, 2023
CaddyWeb Servers AddedJanuary, 2023
GoProgramming Languages AddedJanuary, 2023
PHPProgramming Languages DroppedJanuary, 2023

Uncommon response headers

List of uncommon response headers that were used by the website.