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Web technologies detected across all subdomains158 technologies
Website rank4,114
Website Location Canada
Last technology updateMay, 2023
Added technologies in the last 3 months1
Dropped technologies in the last 3 months3
Total subdomain count13 subdomains
Top ranking subdomain (Rank: 2,857,139)
IP Address192.0.66.184
IP Lookup78 websites share IP address.
Autonomous System Number (ASN)AS2635 (AUTOMATTIC)
Total linking domains3,182 domains
Total linking IP1,853 IPs
Certificate IssuerLet's Encrypt
Tag IdsUA-37934458-1

Change History

List of 6 detected changes in the website technology stack within the last 3 months (out of 22 total).

TechnologyTechnology TypeVersionChangeDate
CreativeWork SchemaSchema DroppedMay, 2023
JetpackWidgets12.0 Version changed from 11.9 to 12.0May, 2023
New RelicAnalytics AddedMay, 2023
Organization SchemaSchema DroppedMay, 2023
Person SchemaSchema DroppedMay, 2023
MagniteAdvertising Networks DroppedMay, 2023
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List of 10 detected advertiser used by the website (out of 60 total).

Uncommon response headers

List of uncommon response headers that were used by the website.

Content-Security-Policy-Report-Onlydefault-src 'self' *; img-src data: https:; script-src 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval' blob: https:; style-src 'unsafe-inline' https:; font-src data: https:; media-src blob: https:; frame-src https:; object-src 'none'; connect-src https:;
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