Accurate web technology detection

Detected 47010 technologies in 188 categories, and 3385 avertisers on 120+ million top sites.

Lookup website or technology

Discover what technologies a website is built on or find out what websites use a particular web technology

Download targeted sales leads list

Find sales opportunities. Compile and download a list of websites that use a specific technology. You can further narrow down your search by website language, domain, country, and many other criteria. When available, reports include contact information (addresses, phones, emails) and social media links.

Detailed website information

Find the website's detailed information: technology composition, contact information of key people, language, country and many more. Look up websites that use similar or competing technologies.

Web technology market share and trends

Research web technology landscape. Find out which technologies are on a rise and which are declining in popularity. Discover how a particular technology stacks up against its competition. Access market share analysis within a category and observe how it changes over time. Identify sites that recently adopted the technology and sites that stopped using it.