WebTechSurvey is a technology profiling tool that helps businesses discover the right prospects based on website technology usage. We provide targeted lead lists of websites that use specific technologies.
Yes! You can buy a single technology report.
Purchasing a single report does not require any commitment.
We offer monthly and yearly subscriptions that can help you reduce the cost of purchasing multiple technology reports.
Our subscription plans can be canceled at any time. Just cancel your subscription before your next bill date.
Domains can be filtered by technology, technology version, technology category, website location (country), IP location (country), website language, and top-level domain (TLD).
The country property provides the location of the business that owns and operates the website. IP Country is the country where the website is being hosted. Because many websites are being hosted in the cloud, the website hosting location often differs from a website business location. We detect business locations based on multiple sources including addresses provided on the website’s contact pages.
We crawl the internet and update our dataset on a monthly basis.
The reports are provided in CSV format.
Most technologies when used by a website leave multiple hints that can be detected. Our technology analyzer looks for these clues in the website's HTML code, script and stylesheet include files, website cookies, DNS records, and several other sources. We have created an extensive and accurate fingerprint database capable of detecting more than ten thousand technologies.
We crawl over 100 million websites using our in-house crawlers and perform technographical analysis of the collected data. Business emails, phones, and postal addresses are retrieved from websites’ contact pages. All the data is generated in-house, we do not get the data from any 3rd parties.
Yes, you can. Please send us a message with a technology description that you want to be added and we’ll review your request.
No, the data cannot be resold, unless explicitly allowed by us in writing.
Yes, you can use WebTechSurvey API to access our data.
Yes, The report will contain email addresses found on the website contact pages.
Just contact us at [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to help.