What is WebTechBot ?

WebTechBot is a WebTechSurvey robot that crawls the internet, indexes web page information and collects web technology information detected on the websites.

Website access by WebTechBot is identified by the "WebTechBot " User-agent.
The full User-agent value you'll see in your access logs is:
Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; webtechbot; +https://www.webtechsurvey.com/bot)

WebTechBot follows the Robot Exclusion Standard.
If you'd like to prevent WebTechBot from accessing part of your site, create a robots.txt file in the root directory (home folder) of your site and add a rule for "User-agent: WebTechBot ".

Example of code in a robots.txt file.
User-agent: WebTechBot
Disallow: /admin/