HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

Warning response header information and usage statistics.

Websites using header Warning 533
Percentage of websites that use Warning header <0.1%
Total discovered header values 74
Header uses directives No
Header values are unique or random No
Most popular in the country Bulgaria

Distribution by websites popularity

Warning detection in the top websites by popularity

Top 10k sites 1 websites
Top 100k sites 13 websites
Top 1m sites 99 websites

Websites utilizing Warning

List of websites that use Warning header

Domain Country Rank Contacts
www.hotnewhiphop.com United States of America 580
www.straitstimes.com United States of America 13,368
aswetravel.com Bulgaria 16,732
www.adagio-city.com United States of America 20,720
m3uplaylist.download Bulgaria 24,354
mesamoving.com Bulgaria 29,535
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Geographical Distribution

Header usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Common header values

List of top common Warning header values

Header value Value prevalence
110 Response is stale 60.98%
113 ApacheTrafficServer/7.1.5 7.69%
111 ApacheTrafficServer/7.1.5 4.32%
110 - "Response is stale" 3.56%
111 ApacheTrafficServer/3.2.4 3.00%
113 ApacheTrafficServer/3.2.4 2.63%
113 images-squid07 (squid) This cache hit is still fresh and more than 1 day old 1.31%
Redirect 0.75%
113 half.ams.liquifire.com/w (squid/3.4.7) This cache hit is still fresh and more than 1 day old 0.75%
110 2eba4651bf6f "Response is stale" 0.56%
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I''ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I''ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in goril 0.56%
113 DLC-6.1.31 0.56%
If you are trying to obtain un-authorized access to this server, please stop now - you are NOT welcome here! 0.38%
110 5210f869307c "Response is stale" 0.38%
299 GBA "Generic Bootstrapping Architecture (3GPP TS 33.220) support is required to access the requested resource" 0.38%
110 65c01d274a87 "Response is stale" 0.38%
111 ApacheTrafficServer/6.2.1 0.38%
fav_nocache 0.38%
Origin-Onsors/Sociio-Cluster-9 0.38%
Contains awesome content 0.38%