HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

X-One-Version response header information and usage statistics.
Websites using header X-One-Version5,546
Percentage of websites that use X-One-Version header<0.1%
Total discovered header values9
Header uses directivesNo
Header values are unique or randomNo
Most popular in the country Denmark

X-One-Version Directives

X-One-Version directives value information and usage statistics
DirectiveShareWebsites countUnique Values

Websites utilizing X-One-Version

List of websites that use X-One-Version header
login.one.com Denmark64,151
websitebuilder.one.com Denmark137,252
try-websitebuilder.one.com Denmark162,336
webeditor.one.com Denmark162,567
webmail.one.com Denmark287,996
mail.one.com Denmark373,422
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Common header values

List of top common X-One-Version header values
Header valueValue prevalence