HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

X-Tengine-Error response header information and usage statistics.

Websites using header X-Tengine-Error4,454
Percentage of websites that use X-Tengine-Error header<0.1%
Total discovered header values22
Header uses directivesNo
Header values are unique or randomNo
Most popular in the country China

X-Tengine-Error Directives

X-Tengine-Error directives value information and usage statistics

DirectiveShareWebsites countUnique Values

X-Tengine-Error header usage distribution by website popularity

Geographical Distribution

Header usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Websites utilizing X-Tengine-Error

List of websites that use X-Tengine-Error header

static.youku.com China3,803
sdk.51.la Laos5,304
js.ykimg.com China16,805
css.ykimg.com China17,587
ueeshop.ly200-cdn.com United States18,352
p.pstatp.com China22,802
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Common header values

List of top common X-Tengine-Error header values

Header valueValue prevalence
You are forbidden to list buckets59.30%
non-existent domain19.94%
denied by Referer ACL10.24%
denied by req auth: no url arg auth_key3.32%
denied by region block1.57%
denied by bot manager1.35%
denied by region_block1.26%
denied by req auth: no <encoded> or <plain>1.03%
denied by req auth: return 401, auth failed0.54%
denied by IP ACL = not in whitelist0.43%
denied by req auth: invalid uri format0.29%
denied by req auth: no url params t or sign0.25%
denied by bot0.16%
denied by custom_acl0.09%
denied by req auth: invalid url0.04%
denied by UA ACL = blacklist0.04%
denied by UA ACL = not in whitelist0.04%
auth failed - missing necessary arg0.02%
denied by IP ACL = blacklist0.02%
denied by req auth: no hash value0.02%