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ZoomInfo is an intelligence platform for business-to-business sales and marketing teams that provides comprehensive information to help them find potential new customers

We have discovered  16,389 live websites   that are using ZoomInfo.

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Technology usage statistics

Websites using ZoomInfo16,389 websites
Most popular in the country United States
Market position in Sales Intelligence#1
Market share in Sales Intelligence72.64%

Technology adoption

Recent changes in ZoomInfo usage. (See ZoomInfo Usage Changes report)
Websites that added ZoomInfo+10,117
Websites that dropped ZoomInfo-1,495

ZoomInfo usage distribution by website popularity

Market Share

ZoomInfo market share within the Sales Intelligence category

Geographical Distribution

Technology usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Websites utilizing ZoomInfo

Top websites that use ZoomInfo

vimeo.com United States67
www.adyen.com Netherlands694
calendly.com United States700
code.ionicframework.com United States863
www.prnewswire.com United States892
www.names.co.uk GB1,168
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