HTTP response header

Header usage statistics

X-Content-Powered-By response header information and usage statistics.
Websites using header X-Content-Powered-By56,388
Percentage of websites that use X-Content-Powered-By header<0.1%
Total discovered header values50
Header uses directivesNo
Header values are unique or randomNo
Most popular in the country United States

X-Content-Powered-By Directives

X-Content-Powered-By directives value information and usage statistics
DirectiveShareWebsites countUnique Values

Connected technologies

Technologies that utilize the header
K2, category Miscellaneous, total 70,316 websites

Websites utilizing X-Content-Powered-By

List of websites that use X-Content-Powered-By header
joomlashine.com Vietnam4,023
www.joomlashine.com Vietnam4,023
remnantnewspaper.com United States6,992
vinagecko.com United States9,578
joomlaguru.pl Poland10,593
itwire.com Australia14,390
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Common header values

List of top common X-Content-Powered-By header values
Header valueValue prevalence
K2 v2.10.3 (by JoomlaWorks)30.35%
K2 v2.11.20230505 (by JoomlaWorks)14.32%
K2 v2.9.0 (by JoomlaWorks)11.50%
K2 v2.7.1 (by JoomlaWorks)11.45%
K2 v2.8.0 (by JoomlaWorks)10.70%
K2 v2.11.20240212 (by JoomlaWorks)5.50%
K2 v2.10.2 (by JoomlaWorks)4.97%
K2 v2.7.0 (by JoomlaWorks)3.48%
K2 v2.11 (by JoomlaWorks)2.63%
K2 v2.11.20230406 (by JoomlaWorks)0.94%
K2 v2.10.3 (by JoomlaWorks), K2 v2.10.3 (by JoomlaWorks)0.77%
K2 v2.10.1 (by JoomlaWorks)0.60%
K2 v2.10.0 (by JoomlaWorks)0.56%
K2 v2.11.20230324 (by JoomlaWorks)0.48%
K2 v2.9.0 (by JoomlaWorks), K2 v2.9.0 (by JoomlaWorks)0.31%
K2 v2.11.0 (by JoomlaWorks)0.26%
K2 v2.10.4 (by JoomlaWorks)0.26%
K2 v2.8.0 (by JoomlaWorks), K2 v2.8.0 (by JoomlaWorks)0.22%
K2 v2.9.1 (by JoomlaWorks)0.18%
K2 v2.10.2 (by JoomlaWorks), K2 v2.10.2 (by JoomlaWorks)0.15%