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HTML Document Standards

We have discovered 67,238,411 live Websites that use Document Standards.

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Document Standards usage statistics

Total sites that use Document Standards 67,238,411 websites
Percentage of website that use category 65.09%
Number if technologies in Document Standards 6

Category leader JavaScript
Fastest Growing Technology JavaScript
Most Popular in Country United States of America

Websites utilizing Document Standards

Top websites that use Document Standards

Domain Country Rank Contacts United States of America 1 United States of America 2 United States of America 4 United States of America 6 United States of America 7 United States of America 8
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Top Technologies

Top ten technologogies in Document Standards category

Technology Websites Market Penetration Recent changes
JavaScript 61,267,055 91.12% +67,100
Viewport Meta 49,141,577 73.09% -26,205
Description Meta 38,340,509 57.02% -953,480
X-UA-Compatible 22,630,744 33.66% -212,804
srcset 14,149,683 21.04% -121,702
HTML5 Tags 14,038,976 20.88% -283,846

Geographical Distribution

Category usage distribution by websites across the globe.