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TRUSTe privacy certifications and verifications help organizations demonstrate compliance

We have discovered 1,051 live websites that are using TRUSTe Seal.

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Technology usage statistics

Websites using TRUSTe Seal1,051 websites
Most popular in the country US
Market position in Seal#29
Market penetration in Seal0.28%

Technology adoption

Recent changes in TRUSTe Seal usage. (See TRUSTe Seal Usage Changes report)
Websites that added TRUSTe Seal+113
Websites that dropped TRUSTe Seal-152

Distribution by websites popularity

TRUSTe Seal detection in the top websites by popularity
Top 10k sites36 websites
Top 100k sites106 websites
Top 1m sites273 websites

Websites utilizing TRUSTe Seal

Top websites that use TRUSTe Seal

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Geographical Distribution

Technology usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Alternative Technologies

Tripadvisor Widget: Total 97,140 domains found using Tripadvisor Widget
DMCA Badge: Total 57,545 domains found using DMCA Badge
GoDaddy Secure Site: Total 40,677 domains found using GoDaddy Secure Site
TrustedSite: Total 38,105 domains found using TrustedSite
Trusted Shops: Total 25,598 domains found using Trusted Shops
TrustLogo: Total 23,516 domains found using TrustLogo
Google Trusted Stores: Total 17,808 domains found using Google Trusted Stores
SecureTrust: Total 10,484 domains found using SecureTrust
GeoTrust Seal: Total 10,216 domains found using GeoTrust Seal
Google Partners badge: Total 8,030 domains found using Google Partners badge

Alternative Names

  • TrustArc Privacy Platform