HTTP response header

Real User Monitoring (RUM) uses HTTP technologies to send performance data from client browsers to Dynatrace. To do this, a JavaScript tag is injected into your HTML pages. This code snippet communicates with Dynatrace. Response headers: true: the injection has been completed block: injection must not be attempted at this time

Header usage statistics

X-ruxit-JS-Agent response header information and usage statistics.

Websites using header X-ruxit-JS-Agent13,825
Percentage of websites that use X-ruxit-JS-Agent header<0.1%
Total discovered header values2
Header uses directivesNo
Header values are unique or randomNo
Most popular in the country United States

X-ruxit-JS-Agent Directives

X-ruxit-JS-Agent directives value information and usage statistics

DirectiveShareWebsites countUnique Values

Connected technologies

Technologies that utilize the header

Dynatrace, category Security Solutions, total 28,090 websites
Ruxit, category Analytics, total 16,893 websites

X-ruxit-JS-Agent header usage distribution by website popularity

Geographical Distribution

Header usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Websites utilizing X-ruxit-JS-Agent

List of websites that use X-ruxit-JS-Agent header

www.ulta.com United States809
www.marriott.com United States1,095
www.gartner.com Australia1,443
www.fcc.gov United States2,133
www.americanexpress.com United States2,635
www.autodesk.com United States3,372
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Common header values

List of top common X-ruxit-JS-Agent header values

Header valueValue prevalence