Cache Tools

Caching Tools or Web Accelerators are the software packages that enable fast retrievals of the website content.

We have discovered 38,190,645 live Websites that use Cache Tools.

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Cache Tools usage statistics

Total sites that use Cache Tools38,190,645 websites
Percentage of website that use category38.39%
Number if technologies in Cache Tools category24

Category leader Nginx
Fastest Growing Technology Nginx
Most Popular in Country US


Alternative Names

  • Caching
  • Web Accelerator

Top Technologies

Top 6 technologies in Cache Tools category.

TechnologyWebsitesMarket ShareRecent changes
Litespeed Cache841,9412.20%+83,758
WP Rocket752,9721.97%+30,150
WordPress Super Cache597,4291.56%-13,303
W3 Total Cache567,1361.49%-12,220
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Top technology switches

Number of we bsites that switched technologies within category in the past 3 months

FromToWebsite Count
Nginx Litespeed Cache15,874
Litespeed Cache Nginx14,743
Nginx Varnish11,873
Varnish Nginx8,267
WP Rocket Nginx4,270
W3 Total Cache Nginx4,209

Websites utilizing Cache Tools

Top websites that use Cache Tools

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Geographical Distribution

Category usage distribution by websites across the globe.