Category - Issue Trackers

Bugzilla is a web-based bug tracking program created by the Mozilla Foundation. The program is used to maintain track of Mozilla's projects, including the Firefox web browser.

Technology usage statistics

Websites using Bugzilla 658 websites
Most popular in the country United States of America
Market position in Issue Trackers #4
Market share in Issue Trackers 0.69%
Most popular version 5.0.6

Technology adoption

Recent changes in Bugzilla usage. (See Bugzilla Usage Changes report)
Websites that added Bugzilla +10
Websites that dropped Bugzilla -15
Websites that changed version of Bugzilla 3

Distribution by websites popularity

Bugzilla detection in the top websites by popularity
Top 10k sites 1 websites
Top 100k sites 4 websites
Top 1m sites 23 websites

Websites utilizing Bugzilla

Top websites that use Bugzilla

Domain Country Rank Contacts
bugzilla.mozilla.org United States of America 3,724
bugs.webkit.org United States of America 75,738
bugzilla.redhat.com United States of America 78,835
bugs.gentoo.org Canada 79,248
bugs.kde.org Germany 101,851
bugs.freedesktop.org United States of America 105,880
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Market Share

Bugzilla market share within the Issue Trackers category

Geographical Distribution

Technology usage distribution by websites across the globe.

Versions (by popularity)

  • 5.0.6 (39.13%)
  • 5.0.4 (26.09%)
  • 5.0.3 (23.91%)
  • 5.2.0 (2.17%)
  • 5.1.2 (2.17%)
  • 5.1.1 (2.17%)
  • 5.0.2 (2.17%)
  • 5.0.1 (2.17%)

Bugzilla often used together with

Category - Programming Languages.
Perl is used together with Bugzilla on 663 domains. Total 15,921 domains found using Perl
Category - Document Standards.
JavaScript is used together with Bugzilla on 656 domains. Total 6,741,983 domains found using JavaScript
Category - Document Encoding.
UTF-8 is used together with Bugzilla on 654 domains. Total 8,853,308 domains found using UTF-8
Category - Web Servers.
Nginx is used together with Bugzilla on 572 domains. Total 3,297,693 domains found using Nginx
Category - JavaScript Libraries.
jQuery is used together with Bugzilla on 563 domains. Total 4,261,684 domains found using jQuery
Category - Document Standards.
HTML5 Tags is used together with Bugzilla on 563 domains. Total 4,452,760 domains found using HTML5 Tags

Alternative Technologies

Atlassian Jira: Total 461 domains found using Atlassian Jira
Atlassian Statuspage: Total 322 domains found using Atlassian Statuspage
GitLab: Total 698 domains found using GitLab
osTicket: Total 109 domains found using osTicket
Phabricator: Total 46 domains found using Phabricator
Redmine: Total 260 domains found using Redmine
Rollbar: Total 90,235 domains found using Rollbar
Trac: Total 174 domains found using Trac
Usabilla: Total 303 domains found using Usabilla
UserVoice: Total 2,331 domains found using UserVoice