Electronic Commerce software and services encompass the entire process of selling and buying of the goods and services over the internet. Electronic commerce includes online marketing, advertisement, merchandise sales, online billing and payments, and product delivery.

We have discovered 10,083,511 live Websites that use Ecommerce.

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Ecommerce usage statistics

Total sites that use Ecommerce10,083,511 websites
Percentage of website that use category9.99%
Number if technologies in Ecommerce category675

Category leader Cart Functionality
Fastest Growing Technology Stripe
Most Popular in Country US

Top Technologies

Top 6 technologies in Ecommerce category.

TechnologyWebsitesMarket PenetrationRecent changes
Cart Functionality5,477,21654.32%-30,607
WooCommerce Add To Cart2,009,31919.93%-48,916
Wix eCommerce616,2716.11%+1,373
Android App557,7705.53%-8,178
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Websites utilizing Ecommerce

Top websites that use Ecommerce

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Geographical Distribution

Category usage distribution by websites across the globe.