The schemas are a set of 'types', each associated with a set of properties. Schemas are used to provide a structured data about web pages to help search engines understand the published content.

We have discovered 16,017,588 live Websites that use Schema.

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Schema usage statistics

Total sites that use Schema16,017,588 websites
Percentage of website that use category16.10%
Number if technologies in Schema category18

Category leader CreativeWork Schema
Fastest Growing Technology LocalBusiness Schema
Most Popular in Country US


  • Providers Discovered - 18
  • Wikipedia - Schema

Top Technologies

Top 6 technologies in Schema category.

TechnologyWebsitesMarket PenetrationRecent changes
CreativeWork Schema13,076,37381.64%-161,416
Search Schema8,489,00253.00%+55,144
Organization Schema6,674,00241.67%+80,342
PostalAddress Schema2,856,87817.84%+591,404
LocalBusiness Schema2,842,46117.75%+595,480
Person Schema1,983,07912.38%+40,986
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Websites utilizing Schema

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