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Parent Category: Ecommerce

A user review is conducted by a person who publishes his experience to the social media platform, following product testing or the evaluation of a service.

We have discovered 718,176 live Websites that use User Review.

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User Review usage statistics

Total sites that use User Review 718,176 websites
Percentage of website that use category 0.70%
Number if technologies in User Review 58

Category leader Trustpilot
Fastest Growing Technology Trustpilot
Most Popular in Country United States of America


Alternative Names

  • Customer Feedback
  • Product Review
  • Ratings and Review

Websites utilizing User Review

Top websites that use User Review

Domain Country Rank Contacts United States of America 52 United States of America 77 United States of America 97 United States of America 102 United States of America 112 United States of America 150
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Top Technologies

Top ten technologogies in User Review category

Technology Websites Market Penetration Recent changes
Trustpilot 402,163 56.00% +4,484
Inffuse Testimonials 49,865 6.94% +367
Judge Me 41,444 5.77% +1,521
Yotpo 37,395 5.21% -248
Stamped 27,603 3.84% +116
LOOX 24,579 3.42% -1,047

Geographical Distribution

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